Brain Armor On The News Featuring Natural Health Expert Bryce Wylde

What have you done for your Brain today?

The connection between a healthy diet and a healthy body is well understood.

This connection is just as important for your brain. The essential fats and vital nutrients required to support brain health are however difficult to attain through diet alone. 

Brain Armor is formulated to bridge this dietary gap with ingredients at the ideal ratio essential for the growth, maintenance and survival of healthy brain cells.*

We are the Healthy Brain Company.

What the Experts Say…

Brain Armor: Dr Julian Bailes on DHA rich omega-3 fatty acids
Brain Armor is:
  • Derived from Algae, Not Fish
  • Sustainable
  • Vegan friendly
  • Keto friendly
  • Made in the USA† in a GMP Facility
  • Evidence-based ingredients at ideal loads & ratios
  • NO sugar, gluten, artificial flavors or artificial sweeteners

Why Brain Armor

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Retired Professional Football Athlete

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Director, S/C, Olympic Sports

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