Brain Armor Welcomes Four-time USA Memory Champ, Nelson Dellis

Brain Armor is proud to announce the newest ambassador to the Team. Meet Nelson Dellis, an American memory athlete, mountaineer, public speaker, and published author. Nelson is a four-time USA Memory Champion, currently tied with the most national memory wins. Known as the Grandmaster of Memory, Nelson is also a popular television guest and sought-after keynote speaker who educates audiences about how lifestyle, fitness, and diet can impact cognitive health. 

After witnessing the battle his grandmother went through with Alzheimer’s disease back in 2009, Nelson became an activist of the disease and founded ‘Climb for Memory,’ a charitable organization a year later. 

Nelson has a passion for mountain climbing, raising money through mountain climbing excursions to his charity. He’s climbed mountains around the world, such as Alaska Mount McKinley as well as attempting to climb Mount Everest three times. Currently, Nelson lives in Miami, Florida, with his wife and son.

After the passing of his grandmother, Nelson was inspired to train his ordinary memory so that he could keep his mind healthy throughout his lifetime. His first competition was in 2009 and has broken many memory records since. 

A few of Nelson’s accomplishments through memory competitions are below 

  1. Currently holding the record of memorizing the most names in 15 minutes (235). 
  2. Currently holding the record of memorizing the most words in 15 minutes (255)
  3. Formally having the record of remembering a deck of cards in the fastest time of 40.65 seconds. 

Nelson has been featured many times through The Dr. Oz Show, The Science Channel, The Today Show, Fox and Friends, The Katie Couric Show, CNN, ABC Nightlight, and many more. Recently, he’s also been showcased on a Netflix documentary “Memory Games” this year. 

“I have dedicated my life to teaching the world how to remember. Educating people about the best practices in brain training and nutrition is vital to accomplishing this mission, and working with Trident Brands will give me yet another platform for sharing my best strategies,” said Dellis. “Having used Brain Armor as part of my personal regimen for more than five years, I am eager to explain how it fits into my overall cognitive health strategy.”

“Nelson is very relatable. His ability to excite audiences about taking better care of their brains is what caught our attention. And, his personal story of how he transformed his memory from average to world class in a very short time is inspiring,” said Anthony Pallante, Chairman and CEO of Trident Brands Inc. “Nelson’s unparalleled expertise in memory training will make him an important member of our Brain Armor team.” 

Brain Armor is pleased to have Nelson on board as an ambassador to help spread education and awareness on what everyone can do for their brains every day to live a happy, healthy, and full life.