Focus Fix

Focus Fix Performance Drink Mix Dietary Supplement
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Vitamin, Mineral and Herbal Performance Drink Mix

14CT Pack, Blueberry-Pomegranate Flavor


  • Promotes Feelings of Focus and Alertness
  • All Natural Flavors, Colors and Sweeteners
  • Sugar Free
  • Keto-Compliant Formula
  • Gluten Free
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Brain Armor Focus Fix™, The Ultimate Performance Drink Mix, is a great tasting, natural way to promote feelings of focus and alertness. To support productivity, Brain Armor Focus Fix™ contains vitamins, minerals, botanicals and functional nutrients essential to adequately nourish the brain. Brain Armor Focus Fix™ features several key ingredients including Alpha- Glycerylphosphorylcholine (Alpha-GPC), N-Acetyl L-Carnitine and 23 additional vitamins, minerals and functional support nutrients. Furthermore, it also contains 120 mg of natural caffeine which is about as much caffeine found in a small cup of coffee.

Focus Fix Performance Drink Mix Dietary Supplement